Friday, April 6, 2012

Feminists, and Soccer Moms... (And Possibly YOU Too, Because the List of Crap That Pisses Me Off Doesn't Stop There)

I'm going to start this off by saying that I was going to write a kick ass freaking article about last night's Bruins game, and how F'ing awesome I thought the Providence Bruins goaltender Anton Khudobin played in net, after being brought up for last night's game.

However, it seems I am going to have to put that idea on hold temporarily, because immediately after logging onto facebook (to update myself on the stupid shit the world is up to), I stumbled across an interesting looking article on my news feed, written by Barstool Sports. After giving it a read (and in turn, wanting to punch a hole through the F'ing wall in my landlord's lovely home that he and his wife so generously rent out to me), I decided that I had to steal it and write an article of my own on the particular subject-- Which I guarantee you will be quite similar in nature to the original... but in 'Dan-Style.' Check out the article for yourself if you want (Ryan Gosling Saves a Feminist Writer’s Life So She Says “Thanks” By Lecturing America on How Stupid and Sexist We Are ), as it serves to be an appropriate segue to my own.

I was already given the suggestion (by several people) that I write a full article on a similar subject anyway, after I posted (what would become) a pretty popular comment on facebook explaining my hatred for hippies, college students, activist groups, and soccer moms.

If you fall into any of these particular categories... I DO NOT CARE.    

If you get offended...  I ALSO DO NOT CARE.

Because plain and simple, you people are asshole, self-centered, moronic douche bags, trying desperately to stir shit up in our society, without a shred of logic to back you up. And why? Because quite frankly... you're too goddamn pathetic, and bored with your own lives to do anything else self-fulfilling.

Let's get this fucking show on the goddamn road...

Feminist groups and women's rights activists...

You are some of the most disgusting, absurd, and down-right ridiculous idiots I've ever, in my life, been forced to tolerate- as you pretend to be just, righteous, and revolutionary members of society. I find this absolutely RIDICULOUS to even have to specify, but I find women to be, without a doubt, equal members of society. I only say this so that the dumbass, girl-power, nut job who may happen to read this doesn't attempt to have my balls cut off for being sexist. Not only do I find women to be deserving of rights equal to that of men, in every way.... but I'm not sure I have ever even witnessed (in my lifetime) any real treatment towards women to prove the contrary. This is a completely dead and irrelevant battle unless you grew up pre-1960s. Yet, somehow, we still have mobs of women's rights activists showing up with signs and crew-cut hair every time a woman is some how 'mistreated.' Guess what? Whatever happened to cause that mistreatment was not a result of a society attempting to repress women. I hate to tell you...

Even if, by some chance, some red-neck fucker out there does forbid his wife to get a job, and force her to stay home, clean the house, raise the children, and have dinner waiting for him on the table when he gets home from work, is that in any way worthy of a mob of angry idiots claiming that "women have rights too?" Before you say yes, let me say this- every single person on the planet has their own opinions, and views on both life and how the world should be (whether or not those views are RIGHT or WRONG). You cannot change every single person's opinions, but that is what activist groups try to do. They try to change the mind-set of every individual person, in an attempt to make said-person think that THEY (the group) are the ones who are right. Well, you idiots... what is the difference between the one red-neck shit head abusing his wife (out of a hundred men who love and support their wives) and the one serial killer who thinks it's OK to go out and kill people for fun? They are both twisted, and (more importantly) both the MINORITY. Why do we not have Anti Serial Killer Groups? Because people have not yet found a way to make it fit their personal agendas.  

 Face it... men (as a whole) are not sexist anymore. We do not think that women shouldn't vote, we do not think they shouldn't go to school, we do not think they shouldn't work, and we do not think that they should stay home and play house wife. If a woman does choose that path... it is almost always her own choice.

I am a firefighter- One of the most male-dominated professions in the world. Ask me if I have a problem with the fact that there are female firefighters out there. I will tell you without hesitation, absolutely... not! As would be the opinion of nearly every firefighter I know. AS LONG as:

1) they are physically capable of doing the job, and

2) they are mentally prepared for and OK with doing a job that requires you to live with, and work extremely close to a group comprised predominantly of males (which means accepting the actions and humor that may, or may not come with the territory. Hey that's just the way it is. Women act one way around each other, men act another way around each other. If you don't like that then it's not a feminist issue we have to deal with-- it's an issue of biology, and more importantly, being outnumbered.)

Yet still, the feminist groups will riot and protest if a woman is turned down for a firefighting, police, corrections, construction or any other sort of male-oriented job--which is the reason for several cases in the past, of physical job requirements being lessened for women so that they could pass and attain a specific job (regardless of the fact that they were physically incompetent).

You could say the same for Black Rights groups as well. Who the Hell still has a problem with black people, with the exception of those hillbillies in the KKK? I have a problem with assholes who wear their pants below their ass like they're waiting for their boyfriend to come up behind them, and walk around with a piece tucked into their belt, pushing drugs, dropping "N-bombs" like an ignorant reject, and committing drive-by shootings (like it makes you tough to shoot someone from a moving car). But you know what? That's a specific classification of people, and it isn't just black people. I know people who hate those kind of people (myself included), but not black people. We are way beyond that crap, people. If Carlton Banks walked up to me and started a conversation I wouldn't have shit against his ass (I would probably make fun of him, but that's beside the point).                                                  
But in a similar fashion to the feminists, they always seem to be out there (with that piece of crap Al Sharpton leading the way), protesting, trying to get their faces on TV and turning every situation into a pity game about how blacks are grossly mistreated in this country. Again, this isn't the 1960's-- get over it. Most of you don't even know shit about real hard times, or what your your grandparents or ancestors unfortunately had to endure.

I like black people. And as well, no one I know has anything against black people. In fact, if I was applying for college, or a job, and I was competing for a spot with a black person (with all other factors being equal), guess who would get the job? So stop complaining.

By the way... If you are black, and this doesn't apply to you, then guess what? I'm not talking about you. 

Soccer moms- For the sake of keeping this a reasonable length I will be very brief and to the point on this one, as I've already ranted long enough. Soccer moms, as I view them in my head, are suburban middle-class to wealthy, uptight house wives who look down on other people, gossip about their neighbors, and think their kids are better than everyone else's kids and that they can't do wrong. And cart their kids around to all kinds of extra curricular activities in a minivan and make snide comments at referees, opposing coaches, and other players if something doesn't go their "precious little baby's" way. They desperately try to push their kids into the spotlight in an attempt to make them famous, like those dance moms idiots, and truly suck at life. They are amongst the worst kind of people on the planet, and if you do marry or are married to one I am truly sorry for you.

You may choose to hate me for writing this, or even attempt to find a way to spin it so as to look like I am either sexist or racist, or some other sort of hate monger. I am not. As I very clearly stated already: I have hatred towards groups who feel the need to complain about issues that are irrelevant, so as to get every benefit they possibly can for their bull shit cause. If you can have your opinions and feel like you are entitled to bitch and moan and riot and protest, then so can I. And my opinion is that you suck at life, and should consider going and fucking yourself...

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