Saturday, March 17, 2012

"Cuz Everone Could Use A Little More 'Me' In Their Lives..." (A Writer's Update, And Challenge To YOU -- The Reader)

This is the most informal article I am going to post since the creation of my blog last month (Feb, 2012).

Firstly, I got to say I have no complaints about the results I've received so far. In JUST over a month this blog has received nearly 850 views. With the help of facebook friends and folks on I have gotten the attention of many people all across the world-- spanning nearly ten different countries, and all across America.

Now, I am not stupid or naive enough to believe that 850 people read through and liked every article I had on display. No. I'm aware that some people may have just clicked on an article that I linked somewhere, and either decided that it was too long, or not of interest, and immediately left. But... guess what people? I've gotten the views. And I've also gotten a lot of positive feedback.

Yes, the ever elusive ass clown.
Unfortunately this could
be you
If you're one of the cool kids who's actually given me the time of day then you know by now that my blog is about absolutely nothing in particular. Not to say it's about nothing... but it follows no set pattern- which is in contrast to many blogs. I do not stick to one particular topic. In fact, I write about whatever I happen to feel strongly about at the given time. Some of you may find zero interest in what I have to say, and that's ok. If so, you're probably just an ass clown anyway.....

hahaha, JUST KIDDING...

(..... kinda)

Anyway, I understand how that particular aspect of the blog makes it hard to follow for many people- seeing that I write about whatever I want, and everyone has different interests. I could post something about sports one day, and attract the attention of a certain group, and then post something about the Marines, or zombies, or freaking Victoria's Secret the next, and attract a completely different group. My willingness to write about any topic is good for me as a writer... but bad for the construction of a set, loyal fan base.

My point is this... I like to write (in case you really haven't noticed). And I can write about anything interesting, especially if I can bitch about it. I am twenty-six years old and have a severe intolerance for an abundance of things. I hate more things than I probably like, and that makes for an entertaining media personality. I'm in good shape, and yet still have high blood pressure for my age. Writing helps me vent, and remove built up aggression without ripping the walls down, punching someone in their suck hole, or diving into a handle of Jack Daniels. Television/movies, sports, music, literature... you name it-- all fair game in my eyes. If I have any knowledge or opinion of the subject then I can write an interesting article about it.              

So I came up with this idea for an experiment, and I'm going to lay my "huge, amazing reputation" on the line. I want ideas for upcoming writing content, and I want you to help me out. I want to know what it is you want to read about. To anyone out there who still enjoys reading, this shouldn't be too pressing of a favor to ask of you. Now what I'm going to do is put myself out on a limb and lay claim right now to the funniest, and/or most entertaining article you've ever read (pertaining to the particular subject I pick out of the results you give me).   

In other words... if I receive an abundance of 'votes' for "subject x," and as a result I pick "subject x" to write about, I am saying right now that I will write the most entertaining article that you've ever read (on that particular subject).

 If this proves to be a worth-while and successful project then I will perform it again (and again) every so often, for as long as it continues to be a success. That way, several different people will be able to find an entertainment value in what I have to say. For this to work I will need participation (and I understand this is for me more than you, but your support is appreciated). I need views, reads, comments, ideas. I need you to read through my blog and see if there are any ideas that you found interesting on there. If so, leave comments beneath the article (this one included) or leave your topic suggestions on my facebook post. Take my survey on the right side of my blog page. I am trying to build up a reputation so that I can write for a vast audience, and you can help me with that.

Cuz let's face it, everyone could use a little more me in their lives...

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