Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Bruins- And What is Becoming a Harsh Reality

What I am about to say is an absolutely absurd and harsh reality...

 As a matter of fact, it is a reality that back in November and December was about as visible or predictable as an alternate dimension. For Bruins fans that painful reality is this-- Boston may very well end up missing the playoffs this year!

If you haven't been following of late (maybe after letting your guard down, and figuring that you would just see them in June) I have bad news for you-- your Bruins are merely one point away from finding themselves in seventh place in the Eastern Conference Standings. In fact, the one and only thing that has maintained their (current) second-place standing is the fact that they have managed to hold onto the lead in what has proved to be a very sub-par North East Division this year. But with only 83 points, and a win/loss record below .500 since January 1, they are actually only proving 2 things: 1) that they are only the fifth best team in the conference (record-wise); and 2) that right now they are nothing more than a streaky, mediocre team, having played more crappy games throughout the last two months than good ones.                        
With the Ottawa Senators trailing them by just one measly point in the East, they are staring (depressingly)- at their truly-deserved position of seventh- square in the face. With twelve games remaining in their season, and looking nothing short of disgusting, it would not come as a surprise if the defending Stanley Cup champs fell completely out of the eight-team playoff race. These guys plain and simple, have zero confidence or fire in their game. I would go on and explain what it is about their game that is causing their struggles, but frankly, it's everything.

-Their goal tending sucks!- Tim Thomas is looking no more than human this season, and with Rask out and that joke of a goal-tender Marty Turco between the pipes, they are allowing a handful of goals per game, or more.

-They are turning the puck over non stop.

-They are less-than-opportunistic in front of the net, and failing to put the puck in the goal when given the chance-- which (by the way) is a F'ING understatement!

-There is zero aggression or physicality in their play. The Big Bad What?? I've asked that question previously this season, and I ask it again.

It is all bullshit. If someone doesn't light a fire under these guys' asses, and soon, there will be no playoff hockey for the city of Boston this year. Or... we will be a one-and-done bounce against a team like the Rangers or Pittsburgh. That is unacceptable. You do NOT go from the team of November/December to this crap that we're forced to watch now. There is... no... excuse.

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