Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Top 5 Reasons New England Lost the Super Bowl... Again!

The following list was compiled by myself, for closure purposes, originating on FB the day after the Super Bowl. This list is for Patriots fans (like myself) and Patriots HATERS alike. This is my introduction to Blogging, and is my first ever (facebook excluded). I'm a huge Boston Sports fan, as I've lived in MA my entire life. I like to bitch and gripe about my teams, but I also consider myself a fairly educated, knowlegable, and intellegent sports fan, Not just a 'pink hat.' So here we go, feel free to enjoy... 

- #5) Rob Gronkowski Ankle Injury- (#5 because it's not an excuse, but certainly a contributing factor. A healthy Gronk, or even 80-90%, and you're likely looking at another 7-10 points.)

- #4) First-Play, SAFETY-- Your defense, by all means, played an excellent game. Especially for what you would expect from them. They set the tone on the first series with a strong stand and a forced punt. The safety, in turn, eliminated any chance of a stong offensive start, and ultimately (in the end) really proved to be the difference in the game. It was those 2 points that determined the difference between needing a touchdown vs only a field goal to tie on the final drive.

- #3) Mario Manningham 38 yd Pass Completion/and Final NY Drive-- Excellent catch. Set the Giants up with a 1st down at mid-field with 2 minutes left. Caused Belichick to have to burn a CRUCIAL time out to risk a challenge. Plain and simple.

- #2) Penalties and Lack of Capitalization on Turnovers-- How else can you say it? Too many men on the field on a forced fumble which would have eliminated a TD, the inability to come up with a second fumble, an offsides penalty which kept a drive alive for the Giants when they would have been looking at 4th down, and 2 possible INTs if defenders were in position and paying attention.

- #1) (Second to last), and (Final) Offensive Drives-- Too many dropped passes! Key, clutch recievers dropping passes that should not have been dropped. Welker, Branch, Hernandez all with devestating drops that severely cost this team the Super Bowl. The most important of all being Welker on the next to final drive. If he comes up with that catch, the Pats have a first down on the 20 yard line, run out the clock and score some last minute points putting the game virtually out of reach.
***Mental errors are what lost the game. Not Patriots style. It was there... they just didn't reach hard enough

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